Friday, August 24, 2007

on the prowl

Well, I have officially found a job and hopefully a room, but still no luck on the really great dance party. I started working on Tuesday at.... none other than.... The UPS Store. I hope this brings as many chuckles to some of you as it does to me. I thought I was finished with that place! There were a lot of positions for Preschool teachers and nannies here, but I was really hesitant to even consider any of them because I know my time here is very limited. I am still having serious struggles with being so far from the beautiful children who made my life so bright while I was in MA. There is a huge gaping hole in my being where those greasy little fingers used to cling on to me. I am so grateful that I was able to experience the love of so many children, and able to give back to them in my own way. I don't think I could handle tearing myself away from more kids in a few months. I opted to stay away from teaching and child care while here because I don't want to get attached again and have to leave so soon. What does that leave for me? An office job or retail (ideally I would have liked to find a position as a cowgirl on a ranch, but let's be practical). I defaulted to my 6 years experience at the UPS Store, and alas, I got a job in less than an hour with the pay I was asking. I believe the owner called me a 'God Send.' So be it. I'm highly entertained with this job. It's interesting because I have worked at four UPS Stores now, all at very different places in life. My attitude now is so very different from every before that I find I'm getting a lot out of the retail world. Nothing really stresses me out at all, and I find it easy to engage with people (which is one thing I missed about teaching- random interactions with random people). Needless to say, it works for now.

As for a room, I've been on the hunt, but people either want a small fortune for a room or they want you to be LDS (Latter Day Saints). Today, however, I found the ideal location and as soon as my background check clears (you all know what a villain I am), I'll be able to move in. This is vital to my well being. I cannot wait to have a space of my own again. It's big enough to dance in!!! I'm ecstatic to say the least.

At first I was feeling a lot like I was just biding my time until I could make it on over to Portland/Seattle. That's certainly my plan: to save money and move there as soon as possible, BUT I'm coming to the realization that there's no space in life where you are just waiting because everything has value independent of every other thing. I'm trying to absorb every detail of my experience here because it has a lot to teach me. Being in unfamiliar circumstances, far away from the people who know you the best will do a number on your sense of self. I can honestly say, however, that I'm happy because I am in a position where anything is possible. It's difficult for me to express what I mean, but this is good for me.

If I had a complaint, it would be about meeting creative/inspiring/intelligent people. Sure this might come with time, but my general sense of the area is that these people are few and far between. The conservative mentality is almost more prevalent here than it is in the dirty South. I'm going to steal some of Lee's words because he put it better than I can: "And yes- the west is a fickle area. So many gave up on the way to the coast, and settled to forge communities, it makes sense if you think about it... people that lacked vision and ingenuity (sp?) made towns and started breeding. That's why when you get to the end, you'll find that inspiration again, people who's heritage is based on fulfilling a dream." Thanks Lee, I totally agree (vive la rhyme). So, I think I'll just try to focus on my own creativity. I've been inspired to write a lot more. It's helping.

In other news, the mountains here are GORGEOUS. Google Image them: the Wasatch Mountains. The weather is dry but no complaints. Tomorrow night I will be attending Fetish Night at Area 51 in SLC. My feet have missed my leather boots, so it will be a happy reunion, indeed.

Signing out...
yours truly

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