Friday, September 28, 2007

on the brink

Things that make me happy:

Utah license plates have this beautiful image of a canyon, and I have to register my car here because my Massachusetts registration expires in 3 days.

There was snow on the mountaintops for 3 days.

I got to play with little kids today.

I feel things I haven't felt in a long time.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

on balance

With autumnal equinox being tomorrow, what's more appropriate than balance to write about? I love the synchronicities in my life. I love how things just keep falling into place, and the more I move the fuller it gets.

The mountains are cradling storm clouds today, and the air is dense with premonitions of thunder. It smells like autumn. Finally.

I'm finally meeting people here. People who have so much to teach me. I've been dancing, and meeting dancers, and sharing dance, and it makes me incredibly happy.

I miss everyone, but this is beautiful.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

on the stars

It must be the alignment of the skies that's giving me so much energy these days. I'm feeling super creative, refreshed, and inspired. It certainly helps that I have a place to live now. I moved in last weekend, and it feels wonderful. I have space to dance and everything. I've been writing alot, too. Check out my other blog for that.

I actually had a really good time going out dancing the other night. No drama, no crazy people. Too much smoke, but I was able to dance the entire night. It was a very good time.

I sort of enjoy the loneliness in this whole experience. Back in Mass, I was so busy and so social I rarely had time for myself. Now, that's all I have. I'm learning SO much, and I keep encountering people who have amazing insights to offer me, if only in passing.

In other news, I can feel Autumn in the air, and it's a great comfort. My favorite season is slowly creeping into its place. There's a certain magic that comes with changing leaves.