Sunday, October 28, 2007

on vanilla ice (volume 2)

So. Regardless of how tired I was, my excitement was extreme. I wanted to dress up (of course) because since I dress up for non-Halloween events, I couldn't possibly go to a Halloween event in something other than a costume. So, I throw on a little costume fusion I had played around with for the fan dance I did, and ended up becoming a china doll. I only have a blurry cell phone picture, but you get the idea:

Well, the show is oversold, and the club is wicked crowded. A dj is bringing in the night, and I get the chance to do some dancing before the floor is too jammed. There are a lot of good costumes, and the place is decorated to the max. At one point, a fight breaks out right in front of me. Suddenly I'm being pushed back, getting pretty angry at people imposing on my dance space. Then I realize what's happening, and suddenly there are three people on the floor pounding at each other. The crowd pushes back, and other people somehow get involved. Suddenly securing is pushing us all away, and takes away three guys. Well, they obviously didn't realize what was happening because the cause of this was some angry girl. You know what they say, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." So, after security leaves, she immediately starts laying into another guy, takes him to the floor, and the entire time he doesn't touch her but just keeps yelling for security. They are right in front of me, and the girl stands up to take another punch and ends up smacking me upside the head. I was pretty angry. All I want to do is rock out to Vanilla Ice, and some jealous girl smacks me for it? Anyway, after five minutes of it ruining my night, I completely forgot about the whole incident. I danced somethin' crazy and was thrilled to be able to do it to Vanilla Ice. Complete with fog machines and creepy Halloween noises interspersed with the show. I, unfortunately, did not get the opportunity to dance on stage with him, though heaven knows I tried. Anyway, I was one happy girl. Classic. Here is the one picture of him that came through amidst the dark and smoke:

Go ninja, go ninja, go!

on top

Yesterday was incredible fun. In fact, it was probably the best day I've had in a long while. I had the great fortune of spending the better part of the day in Park City, a pretty little ski town here in Utah.Yesterday was incredible fun. In fact, it was probably the best day I've had in a long while. I had the great fortune of spending the better part of the day in Park City, a pretty little ski town here in Utah.

We drove into the city about 11 a.m., and spent two or three hours at the Outlet malls on the outskirts. It was really amusing to shop with Mandy, and though I didn't buy much, I did throroughly enjoy myself. After this, we headed to Main Street, and decided to grab a bite. I was starving. This cute little pub was calling our name, so I had a chicken/mushroom/bacon pizza and some delicious pumpkin ale. I absolutely stuffed my face.

After dinner, we just started exploring. There were BEAUTIFUL Native American jewelry shops, with turquoise to die for. Too bad I don't have three grand to drop on a belt. There were many lovely little shops and other areas to venture into. For one, I kissed this moose:

There were a lot of art galleries as well, and I rather enjoyed this particular sculpture:

After wandering for a while, we enthusiastically loitered in a candy shop. Our senses having gotten the better of us, I indulged myself with a hazelnut truffle, and a caramel apple. Oh, yum. This place reminds me of Gatlinburg.

More loitering, and many other pictures taken with statues (I'll spare you) later, we stop for one last drink at this really cool little bar that was wicked wild, wild, west. The lighting was awesome as well as the decor, so I snagged a couple shots before heading out.

Sore feet, and dead tired, we begin the drive home, hoping to make it before dark (yeah right), and amidst falling asleep in the car, we decided that we absolutely MUST attend the Vanilla Ice Halloween party that night, called up Teazers to reserve our spots, and made our way home to relax for a solid 45 minutes. I will continue this story in the next blog, when I have the pictures to post.... :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

on vanilla ice

Breaking news: last night I met Vanilla Ice. Here goes: we get to the club, and some people offer to get us in for free, so we go throught the V.I.P. Inside, there is a guy putting on our wrist bands, and he smirks and invites us to this party. I think it's just another guy, so I laugh in his face. Then, I walk away and see all the posters and flyers about Vanilla Ice's show the next day. I look at the picture and realize that I just laughed in the face of Vanilla Ice himself! None other! I just think this is absolutely the funniest thing. I can't stop laughing.

Otherwise, life is good. I just started working on a fusion dance number with fans. I'm really loving this style, and there are so many beautiful ways to use the fans. I need better ones, though, because mine were falling apart after a couple hours of use. Anyway, I'm really happy with this. Also, I got to learn Odyssey Dance Company's version of Thriller in dance class on Tuesday. It's fun to dance like a zombie. :-)

Hmmm... oh I got to carve pumpkins a couple weeks ago, and that made me incredibly happy. I still have two left to do over the weekend, and I'm thinking I should do a wolf howling at the moon.

I've started perusing jobs and places to live in Portland. There are a great many very desirable jobs for preschool teachers. I really can't wait to get back with kids. All the jobs I've been looking at are high paying with good benefits. I plan to send out resumes next month, because I want to make my way up toward the end of December. I decided to stay through December because I really like my job, and I am needed here for Christmas.

On that note, I don't think I've ever been happier in my life. I look forward to going to work every single day. I make new friends constantly. I have so much fun and see things through such sunny eyes. This doesn't necessarily mean I am not sad or lonely or doubtful; it's just that I view those things with such appreciation for what they have to teach me. I think a large part of this is the fact that I don't really have big goals/ plans for the future. I'm really trying to engage to the fullest in the moment at hand, and it's difficult, but I've been more successful here than ever before. I laugh more, dance always, and my heart flutters every single day. I miss my friends, and love you guys SO much. Life is beautiful. :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

on hot springs

Last night I went to Crystal Hot Springs in a place called Honeyville, about an half an hour north of me. It was so incredibly relaxing. They feed the hot mineral water into pools. It was extremely hot, but my muscles were in dire need of it. My entire body was coated in a salty substance afterward, and I kept licking my lips because it tasted good. =) Anyway, the experience was so invigorating. My skin was bright pink by the time I left. I can see myself doing this many more times while I'm still here. Especially since it is cold outside, and the balance of that verses the hot of the springs is perfect. My next goal is to make it to Park City.
Today is cold and gray, and I certainly miss autumn. I wonder if the people who have lived here all their lives even understand that feeling that is so important to me: the brisk brusque of autumn... the tennessee leaves and the pumpkin patch and the months of sweaters and jack-o-lanterns and crunch... I hope everyone gets to experience that in life. I miss it entirely.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

on top of a mountain

*All photos courtesy of Chris Orbit*
Over the weekend, I went to Oktoberfest. It was at a ski resort called Snow Bird about half an hour outside of SLC. It snowed on Saturday, so the canyon on the way up was absolutely breathtaking. The mountains were all snowcapped, and the trees still had snow on the branches, though it was melting off steadily. The constant drip misted as it hit the ground, making the whole scene look like a winter wonderland.

The best part of the fest was the music. There were several traditional bands playing some lovely little tunes. I felt like I was in another time period. All the older couples were completely in costume, and they knew all the moves to fit the music. Unfortunately they were all partner dances, and I had no partner, so I could not participate. I was very sad. However, watching these people was so incredible. There was one man in particular who made me grin from ear to ear. He was enjoying himself to the utmost. He did not stop dancing the entire time (a man of my own heart, for certain). He was smiling and sweating and busting these moves... I can't even explain it. I just know that I felt some great energy here, and I can only hope to be as vibrant when I get older.
So, here's to October. And to Oktober. And to Fests in general. Life is a fest. We should all be sweating from the pure joy of the dance.