Saturday, October 13, 2007

on hot springs

Last night I went to Crystal Hot Springs in a place called Honeyville, about an half an hour north of me. It was so incredibly relaxing. They feed the hot mineral water into pools. It was extremely hot, but my muscles were in dire need of it. My entire body was coated in a salty substance afterward, and I kept licking my lips because it tasted good. =) Anyway, the experience was so invigorating. My skin was bright pink by the time I left. I can see myself doing this many more times while I'm still here. Especially since it is cold outside, and the balance of that verses the hot of the springs is perfect. My next goal is to make it to Park City.
Today is cold and gray, and I certainly miss autumn. I wonder if the people who have lived here all their lives even understand that feeling that is so important to me: the brisk brusque of autumn... the tennessee leaves and the pumpkin patch and the months of sweaters and jack-o-lanterns and crunch... I hope everyone gets to experience that in life. I miss it entirely.

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