Sunday, October 28, 2007

on vanilla ice (volume 2)

So. Regardless of how tired I was, my excitement was extreme. I wanted to dress up (of course) because since I dress up for non-Halloween events, I couldn't possibly go to a Halloween event in something other than a costume. So, I throw on a little costume fusion I had played around with for the fan dance I did, and ended up becoming a china doll. I only have a blurry cell phone picture, but you get the idea:

Well, the show is oversold, and the club is wicked crowded. A dj is bringing in the night, and I get the chance to do some dancing before the floor is too jammed. There are a lot of good costumes, and the place is decorated to the max. At one point, a fight breaks out right in front of me. Suddenly I'm being pushed back, getting pretty angry at people imposing on my dance space. Then I realize what's happening, and suddenly there are three people on the floor pounding at each other. The crowd pushes back, and other people somehow get involved. Suddenly securing is pushing us all away, and takes away three guys. Well, they obviously didn't realize what was happening because the cause of this was some angry girl. You know what they say, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." So, after security leaves, she immediately starts laying into another guy, takes him to the floor, and the entire time he doesn't touch her but just keeps yelling for security. They are right in front of me, and the girl stands up to take another punch and ends up smacking me upside the head. I was pretty angry. All I want to do is rock out to Vanilla Ice, and some jealous girl smacks me for it? Anyway, after five minutes of it ruining my night, I completely forgot about the whole incident. I danced somethin' crazy and was thrilled to be able to do it to Vanilla Ice. Complete with fog machines and creepy Halloween noises interspersed with the show. I, unfortunately, did not get the opportunity to dance on stage with him, though heaven knows I tried. Anyway, I was one happy girl. Classic. Here is the one picture of him that came through amidst the dark and smoke:

Go ninja, go ninja, go!

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