Thursday, November 8, 2007

on the road (volume 4)

I spent four days in Page, Arizona. Have I mentioned that Arizona is my favorite state ever? It's so magical, and every experience I've had there has been amazing. This was completely confirmed over the weekend. For starters, the drive was breathtaking. I went down Highway 89 through southern Utah, the canyon lands, grand escalante, dixie national forest, bryce canyon, kanab, etc... Being back on the road made my blood pump. I thrive for it. Anyway, once in Page, I got to see the wonders of the area. This is at Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell:

Then we got free admission into the Page museum. I got to hang out with some dinosaur fossils, and I got to grind corn into meal with stone. I missed James hardcore.

Luckily, the entire weekend was jammed with the festivities of the Hot Air Balloon Regatta. There were over 60 balloons, and at night, the ones that glowed in the dark, lined the streets of Page, and shot flame at timed intervals. It was absolute magic. I felt like I was dreaming.

Then, in the mornings the balloons lined up against the backdrop of the red rock canyons, and all lifted off within a matter of half an hour.

The sky was filled with color.

Court snagged a pretty cool shot of me watching them.

Then we got in the car, followed them to the end of their journey, where they began to land in the streets of a neighborhood, deflate, and pack up. It was surreal, balloons landing all over the streets and yards. If you hadn't known about the regatta, you'd have thought there was an alien invasion of balloon ships.

We kept seeing prints of this particular place on postcards and other posters, and they captions all said Lake Powell, except it wasn't anywhere we'd seen. We finally found a print that noted the location as being 7 miles upstream. We were lucky enough to find it: Horseshoe Bend.

Not only were the festivities and the landscape phenomenal, not to mention the fact that I adore travelling, but I got to do all of this with one of the most amazing people I know. I'm so happy. And so lucky. And now I'm having trouble readjusting to life as I know it here in Utah. I'm ready to be on the road again. In my upcoming plans are this: leave Utah January 1st, take about a month in which I drive down to Tuscon, over to San Diego, up the coast of California, and land in Portland where I will live and work for an indeterminate period of time. :)