Tuesday, January 1, 2008

on a jet plane

I am incredibly thrilled that I got to spend Christmas in Tennessee. Oh, home sweet home. Oh, Dixie Land. I fought it for a really long time, fought, that is, the idea of Tennessee as "home." I wanted to be a citizen of the world, a true-blooded gypsy, homeless. But the more I'm away, and the more often I visit, the more I realize that Tennessee really is home. It's more than just the fact that I spent 22 years of my life there. It's my friends, my ties, my bonds, and most of all my family. I'm rebuilding a relationship with my dad and his side of the family, with which things have been very strained for the past two years. I'm so glad for this as they are incredible people. I couldn't ask for more.

I got to spend a full week at home. I left on my birthday and got back just two days ago. I spent some amazing quality time with my dad. We shopped, watched movies, and talked a lot. Not only that, but I also saw most of my friends and a whole lot of my wonderful mom.

Some of my excitements included becoming addicted to Guitar Hero, going dancing in Nashville (something I haven't done in years), seeing one of my best friends own the stage at her band (the Beta Macks') performance (it was the first time I saw her play, and it made me wicked happy). I also got to dance at the show and see some kids I thought I probably wouldn't ever see again.

My best friend in the world came into town to visit as well. We spent the afternoon wandering the enchanting grounds at Cheekwood.

I got to see more of my brother and his girlfriend, and I am happy to know that they are planning on getting married in several years. He seems really happy.

All in all, many wounds began to heal during this trip. I re-established certain bonds, learned a lot about what I really want and what I value.

On this note, I begin a new chapter in my adventures tomorrow. I'll be heading from SLC, south through Arizona, west to San Diego, and up the coastal highway to Portland, OR, where my original intention was to settle for a while. The road will tell me where I'll end up. I'll keep you posted.

Dorothy was right, you know, there's no place like home. :)

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