Wednesday, January 9, 2008

on the road (volume 6)

I last left you with the itch to dance in Phoenix. Well, I can say with gratitude that the itch was scratched. We headed down to Mill Ave., which is apparently the place to party in Phoenix. We walked all around, and the streets were lit festival style. It was pretty chill.

After passing bar after bar after bar that failed to have a dance floor, we finally come to the Cherry Pit: a perfect hit. It was a really posh club-ish place that had decent music going and a relatively cool dance floor. It felt so good to dance. My only complaint was that I got hated on by the girls in there. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I was wearing a t-shirt and sneakers while they were all dressed up... or maybe it was the mere fact that I can dance. Anyhow, it was wicked fun.

We awoke the next morning to head south to Tucson. The drive was short and we got caught in a couple of intense rain showers. Upon reaching the city, we started exploring. We found a bunch of little shops, had some rice bowls, sent off a few postcards, and then met up with Court. He took us to this really great feeling tea house called the Casbah, where the waitress was also the house bellydancer. Her style was one I'd never encountered before, so I was certainly happy (not to mention the fact that I was drinking spice chai).

After that, we rolled on over to a pub called the Surly Wench. How can you be in Tucson and not go to a pub called the Surly Wench? There was a giant depiction of the girl on the wall. Hehe

After a couple Blue Moons, we grabbed some pizza and went home to have our very own dance party in the living room. Yay for that a million times.

The next morning began with a delicious breakfast at a place called the Hungry Fox. As I was devouring my biscuit and gravy, I notice to my left a curtain depicting a jar of something called Leslie Salt. Intrigued, I snagged a photo and am still pondering what this could possibly be. If you know, please tell. Otherwise, expect a jar of Leslie salt on your next birthday...

Another must see in Tucson is Biosphere 2. If you are unaware of this, google it. It is AMAZING, and I couldn't do it justice trying to explain it on here. Anyway, on the way there, we ran into Paul Bunyan (he's kind of hard to miss).
Then spent the afternoon touring the facilities there. I was blown away, to say the least.

The next day wasn't quite as eventful as we were planning on leaving the following morning. We ran some errands, and the most exciting part of my day was seeing (for the very first time) live and in person, a church of scientology!!! Haha. Props to L. Ron Hubbard.

That night we decided to go dancing. Sadly, Tuesdays are not the best time for this. We went to a place called Asylum, where we were 3 of the 5 total people in the club. At least we danced. And when I say danced, I mean it. They were playing goth/industrial music and I cried myself into my dance. It felt goooood.

We had every intention of leaving this morning, but over breakfast found out that we had forgotten to go partake of Old Tucson, the old wild west town used as the set for so many famous Westerns. I couldn't resist. Off we went.

We drove through something I'd never encountered before... a never ending vision of saguaro cacti. I don't know if it would be considered a cacti forest or a cacti patch (hehe) or what, but I was astounded. I am developing a certain obsession with cacti.

Anyway, on entering Old Tucson, we fell privy to a can-can show!!! I wonder if I could ever score a job this sweet: pretending to live in the old west and getting paid for dancing in a saloon!!!
The whole town was a blast. They were playing that cheesy kind of western music through loudspeakers the whole time so you really felt like you were in a film. We also so a gunfight and a thousand million photos of John Wayne.

Cacti were still abundant, so I snagged my dream picture:

Afterward, we wandered around Tucson. We tried to go to this art gallery, Solar Culture, that Brian told me about, and though the hours were posted and it should have been open, it was not. So, we continued our debauchery, walking through the snake bridge (the whole thing looks like a rattlesnake, tail and all, and its eyes glow at night and it even makes sounds), where I was devoured by the snake after clinging for dear life to its fang.

We wandered around 4th avenue, gawking at the windows, and I felt like I was in a dream. I really adore Tucson. I think I might be falling in love with it, actually. Tomorrow we head to San Diego via Yuma. Yum.

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