Sunday, February 10, 2008

on living in the desert

So, here's to living in Tucson. The days are warm sometimes bordering on hot, and the nights get cold. There are cacti taller than houses everywhere. The houses are adobe; there are alleys in the backs of all of them; there are mountains in all four directions. The days get lazy and life is hazy. It all feels like a dream, but I love it. So far, my time here has been spent in many wondrous ways.

Last week, there was a Brazilian Carnevale celebration just down the road, so we (Court, Jenny [his sister], and I) made masks. The process was wicked fun, and here's what I got:
Then we got all dressed up to go to this thing because it's supposed to be a costume party. It's Carnevale, ya know? There was supposed to be a contest and everything. But, we get there and are the only ones dressed up. Fine, there were a handful of people wearing masks, but no costumes. Seriously. I was rather disappointed, I mean where's the spirit? To make matters worse, there was zero room to dance, much less stand. I tried to squeeze my way in there, but kept getting shoved around. Needless to say, we didn't stay long. But at least I looked awesome: :)
A couple days later was Mardi Gras. In honor of fat Tuesday, we had a pancake dinner, and then Jenny and I danced. I'm teaching her some bellydance stuff, and very glad to have the chance. She's a fast learner.
So, when I'm not making masks or dancing or writing about how much I feel like I'm living in a dream, I actually have time to explore! The other day brought me to Sabino Canyon, which is like this amazing place with forests of Saguaro cacti in the Catalina mountains, with a golden river running through. It goes so far, there are actually trams to take you the whole way because cars aren't allowed through, and to go on foot would take forever. It's full of wildlife and other "inherent dangers."

We walked for a couple miles taking in the beauty. We saw bats and birds, but no mountain lions yet. The whole area is breathtaking, and as we were walking out, the sun started setting, and the whole place turned even more magical with all the silhouettes.
With other bits of my time, I help fix up the house I'm staying in (free of charge) because it's a little under the weather. We cleaned out the whole basement yesterday, and discovered that the floors we thought were gray are actually red only you couldn't tell because there was so much dirt and dust. There's still a lot of work to be done.

Today's sun, warm breeze, and 75 degrees brought me to the park. It was quite relaxing and beautiful and lovely. There's this amazing tree, and kids everywhere. We played frisbee for a while......until I heard beats in the distance. I listened closely and was convinced of the sound of drums, so I (the snake to these snakecharmers) followed my ears only to happen upon a drum circle just on the other side of the park. To my great pleasure, it was in full progress, and I danced my little heart out on the grass beside them. I even got kudos from a guy who looks like Santa Claus and dances like he's happy (something few people actually are).

Anyway, other than all these little tidbits of my life, I've accepted a job taking care of a 4 month old boy named Gavin (which, ironically, is the name of one of James' good friends). Anyway, he's precious, and I dig hanging out with a baby all day.

Next in life, I intend to find some dance classes and get some of my poetry sent off to these contests I'm entering to try to get some money or some publishing so I can then apply for the grants I want in order to write my novel. Desert life makes these things easy. I love it here.


ASHLER said...
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ASHLER said...

crazy cool kid loved the dancing, man i miss you but i think i need to take a page from your book,and live more will i'm here and your there. keep them coming i love to read eveything you write. I<3U