Wednesday, March 26, 2008

on the east coast, the oh so sweet coast *

* I wrote this entire thing in a fever-induced stupor, so cut me some slack :)

Oh, the East Coast. I love love love love love it. I love New England and all the people there. If it weren’t so freaking cold, I’d probably go back. Anyway, I got to spend five wonderfully glorious beautiful days there.

I left on Tuesday night around 10:30. You’d think the red-eye wouldn’t be crowded, but it was oversold! They were offering $300 for people to give up their seats. Then we were smashed in like sardines, and it was abnormally LOUD. Maybe it was where I was sitting, but I’ve never been on a flight so noisy before! I tried sleeping, only to little avail. I was flying Continental, which means they actually give you snacks for free, so that was the only good part about that flight: some yummy little cookies I ate around 2 a.m. We flew into Newark at 6:30, where I had an hour before hopping the little plane over to Hartford. I sat next to a Continental pilot on the second flight, and in talking about our travels, realized he had totally been to Murfreesboro several times and we had partied at the same places! Small World. Haha.

Dusty picked me up from the airport in his hot new truck. It’s huge and black and loud (and later, I even got to drive it). He had a huge cup of coffee waiting for me, too (aw, Dusty). We made haste over to the Whately Diner (The best little diner in New England, for sure). I spent countless late nights here, so it was great to be back. Actually, going back to Mass felt a lot like going back to Tennessee in terms of how much it feels like home. I think I have more friends in Mass, too. Damn, I miss it. Anyway, after the diner, we went to the preschool. My kids were so excited to see me (and I them). I got mad snuggles, and I was wicked happy. I got to meet the new kids also, and hear about the ones who’ve been in kindergarten this year. Well, come 2 or so, I was absolutely beat, so I made my way to Beth’s house to shower and nap (in my old room, no less).
Once everyone got off work, we all congregated there for general hullabaloo.
My favorite preschooler now kindergartener (not that I have favorites) even came over with his dad. I open the door and he leapt into my arms. It was so cute. He always used to tell me he wanted to marry me, but that night he informed me that I was too old. Ouch! My plans for the future are ruined!! Haha. But it was so fun. We played a ton. When he had to go home for bed, the rest of us went out to the Elks for some darts, drinks, and attempts at creating our own dance scene. It was wicked fun. By the time we got home, I was so tired from not having slept the night before that I was out.

Next morning, Dusty and I went to grab some eats at a litte pubby type place, and then he dropped me back off at the preschool. I got to spend all afternoon with the kids again, and even see the ones that weren’t there the day before. I also got to sled down the hill with them!!

Later that night, Emily came back over (she was going out of town herself, so it’d be the last I’d get to see her), and we all chilled and had pizza until Xandra got there. She came from Boston and somehow passed the exit, so it took her like 5 hours to get there instead of 2. Well anyway, Xandra and I got all us-ed out to head over to the Elevens in NoHo for drum and bass night (which as always been every Thursday). We get there, meet up with Vinny, and realize that it is absolutely NOT drum and bass night. In fact, the crowd is uber-lame, and we stand out like sore thumbs. Some live band has just finished, and there’s no d.j. in sight. So we exit post haste and decide to grace Diva’s with our presence (since it’s just down the street, and it’s already 12:30, and nowhere in NoHo will admit you after 1). Enter Diva’s and 80’s night complete with ravey goth bellydance get-up. Haha. It was a trip. We rocked out, and it was amazing to dance with Xandra again after so long. We were geeking out. We also drew a lot of attention to ourselves. One, several people were happy to see me there again, and two, we danced and looked like no one else there. It was fun anyway. We stayed till close, and then went over to the little diner in Noho, where I had my second milkshake of the day, which made me feel too sick. So, we went home for the few hours of sleep my trip was destined to grant me every night.

Next morning, we gather our belongings (this, when Xandra is involved, is a greater and more fun task than you could EVER imagine), and pack the car. We are heading to Wells, Maine to see Christa at her *clears throat* beach home. Haha! We end up leaving around noon or so, and we have to go through Hingham first to pick up some stuff at Xandra’s. We stop for eats, and to get some googlemap assistance. Also, we stop at iParty for general Xandra and Leslie geekout session about making hairfalls with feather boas, and deciding on glowstick color schemes for the night. I love this girl. We had planned on trying to make it the way of R.I. to meet up with Samara, but we were so behind as it was that we didn’t roll into Maine until 7ish. It was SO good to see Christa and her cool living arrangements. We had just enough time to get all decked out (and realize that it was bellydance night at the goth club we were already planning on attending) and hit the road to arrive a little past 11. Getting decked out is the most fun with my ladies, anyway. We also decided to call ourselves The Licious for our up and coming hip-hop, break-beat fusion troupe. Yum!

Well, the club was great. Dancing with these two ladies makes everything in life worthwhile. We were trying to get used to eachother again, after an 8 month hiatus, but apparently no one noticed because they kept complimenting how well we danced together. There were other bellydancers too, and some performances, so that was cool. We stayed till the end, and still wanting to dance, crashed the live jam band party upstairs with our crazy moves, and definitely snagged the undivided attention of the photographer, who, to his exuberance, got some shots of Xandra rocking out.

Back at the beach house, we had a 4 a.m. feast, and some girltalk before crashing. Next morning, Christa supplied us with an amazing breakfast of bagels and fresh fruit, and it was packing up (again) to head out to Holyoke and Juan. Before hitting the road, though, we our way to the beach (of course). It was beautiful and cold, and crazy Xandra took off her boots and ran into the ocean!! Intense! Like I said, packing up is quite the process.

I was thinking we may have time to hook up with Samara again, but we didn’t even leave Christa’s till after 3. Juan was calling over and over to tell me to get there already. Haha. We rolled in after a little over 3 hours. I finally got to see his new apartment in person, and DAMN! It was wicked cute, and amazingly decorated. He is so talented. Juan was already in the process of getting ready for Diva’s, so we began our own, and danced a lot while doing it. We played with Coco, the amazing bird, and took some photos, and we were out. Smashed into the car with the volume turned to the max, and rocking out. I couldn’t have been happier. My favorite people!

Diva’s was amazing because I was so incredibly excited. I saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen Thursday, and people I didn’t know kept coming up to me to welcome me home and tell me they were so happy to see me back on stage. It was surreal. Juan and I got back in our groove, and of course, got mad attention and compliments. Then Joe showed up (on his night off!!), and even danced with me (though he hates dancing). Even though he wasn’t behind the bar, he still snagged cherries for me, and he stayed the whole night (yay). So, I ran around between Juan, Christa and Xandra, Beth and Nick, Vinny, random people, and Joe all night long. Juan and I rocked hard, and Christa and I got our groove back. It was a beautiful night, indeed. I dig that place, and miss it tons. Afterward, we all went to the Whately diner (again) except Juan and Bruce who were tired. So, we caught a ride there with Beth and a ride home with Joe (thanks to them). The diner consisted largely of late night weirdness, and me getting a little sad at realizing I’d be leaving the next morning. We shot some photos, and then departed.

I slept like a rock (only for a few hours, of course). We woke up and Juan and I went to pick up some groceries. He made us a delicious breakfast while Xandra and I prepared for a photoshoot. She wanted to document her newest designs (which are amazing by the way). We did it outside, and Arizonian that I now am, I froze! Anyway, there are some great shots, so it was worth it.

Christa and Xandra left in the early afternoon (amidst much sadness and desire to live closer to one another again), and Juan and I shot some video footage for this video he’s putting together. Then it was time for the airport. Bruce drove, and Juan and I sat in the backseat lamenting distance. They came inside with me, and we walked around till the last minutes. After many hugs and kisses, I went through security, waving all the while. The flight(s) home were more comfortable, but I still didn’t get a ton of sleep. It’s always weird, the transition from a vacation. The only thing I regret is not getting to see James, but hopefully that will happen soon. All I know is I absolutely adore and respect my friends in Mass, and I miss them like crazy. I’m so lucky. And I had a blast. So, until next time…