Sunday, April 13, 2008

on being productive

Well, I'm finally actually getting involved in life here (in a more engaging way, that is, besides just being in love with the desert... which I must admit is not very productive). I found a hiphop class that I really dig, so I plan on attending it weekly. There are a couple other dance classes in line to be tried out as well, so I'm wicked excited about that.

Also, this weekend, I was very productive. I made an entire new dance costume that I'm really proud of (I'll post pics eventually), and that inspired some other ideas for creations that will soon be in the works. Furthermore, I finally put the finishing touches on my manuscript for a collection of poetry I've been working on, and I'll be sending it into a contest tomorrow. So put some positive energy my way, please. :)

Next weekend, I'll be renewing my CPR certification, and, of course, dancing some more. And I'll soon be registering for some dance workshops in June.

I've been reading 2 or 3 books per week, and I'm getting familiar with the library which is super cool.

And the best news for last: Christa is moving to San Diego which means she will only be 6 hours away from me (3 if we meet in Yuma), and I will get to see her (and more importantly dance with her) like twice a month. OH YEAH!

So, all in all, I'm being very productive and even looking into Grad school options. I'm happy here as I find my niche, and Gavin develops more and more personality every day. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. Yet another of my rays of sunshine.

That's all for now. Love from the desert.

-Calamity Wilde ;)


just a friend said...

Wow chick- Thats some adventure! I so enjoyed reading about it till like 5 AM this morning. I think you are a really great writer. And "wicked" cute. I was so moved, my first stop this morning was UPS store 84414 in hopes of seeing Lexi or Jay or anybody just so i could talk about you (all good). Oh by the way I love a good Thunderstorm too. They're just rare round here, But when it rains- I'm gonna dance in your honor! John Palmer

Calamity Wilde said...

John Palmer!! Wow, 2 years later and I'm just now reading your comment. On the off chance that you ever read this, how are you? I'd love to hear from you. :)