Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On Not Being on the Road (for once)

I am itching to be back on the road again. I hate sitting still. I love travel. So much.
It's like my great grandpa sang:

I know I'm old enough to quit this running round
I've tried a hundred times to stop and settle down
But every time I find a place I'd like to stay
I hear a freight train holler and I'm on my way

I got the freight train blues, Lawdy, Lawdy
Got them in the bottom of my rambling shoes
And when the whistle blows I gotta, Oh Lawdy
Guess I'm never gonna lose the freight train blues
(Roy Acuff, Freight Train Blues)

So, maybe it's just in my blood? Anyway, I have
a couple trips planned. In two weekends I'll be
heading out to San Diego to spend a couple days
with Christa. It's a 6 hour drive, and I get to
drive through Yuma (yay!).

Then in the beginning of June I hope to drive
back up to Utah to collect some belongings and
to visit some friends. I'll probably only spend
a weekend there then, too.

In late July, it's back to the East Coast, to see
James (hopefully, this time) in Mass and then to
Laura's wedding in Maine.

THEN I'll be performing at an Electrobelly show in
Pittsburgh in October.

So, yes, there are a lot of travels in my immediate
future, but what I really want is to go somewhere new.
I have a list of states I've yet to visit, and I was
just drooling over google maps, and I determined my
much yearned for adventure: a road trip up through Utah,
into Idaho, stopping along the way, then into Southern
Montana, and then south into Wyoming for a healthy foray
in Yellowstone! Oh how lovely it would be!!! I think I
would want a couple weeks to do the tour. Nothing fancy.
With the price of gas being as it is, though.... and
then there's vacation time. I could take it off, but it
wouldn't be paid. I'm not that wealthy. Yet. So, if anyone
wants to donate to my cause, I'd gladly accept.
Until then, I will save my measly weekly
dollars until I can once again go home (the road).

Otherwise, all is well. I love my job, and the weather
here is amazing.
It's been almost 100 every day this week.

Thanks to all you faithful eyes out there. I'm glad you're reading.
Love and Light.

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