Thursday, July 24, 2008

on mom and the desert

Finally, after all the people who have been incessantly visiting me in Tucson, my mom made it out! My ideal world would consist of all my family and friends moving here because it is absolutely wonderful, but if all I can get is a visit, I'll take it. (I seem to have failed to blog about my weekend in San Diego, Ashley's visit to Tucson, and Christa's visit to Tucson all involving dancing, street fairs, hikes, great restaurants, river tubing, and more).

So, I got to show my mom all the cool places I've been blogging about. She arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and I had to send Charles to fetch her on the bus since I was working. So I got home to my mom! How lovely! That night we chowed some beans and rice, and I took her to Sabino Canyon for some beautiful desert views and sunset walking. We even got to go down to the raging (for the desert) river that was completely dry only a couple months ago. I love monsoon season.

The next day I had Gavin, but luckily I was able to take mom with us to babytime at the library and then swimming and then to the park. She got to meet Gavin and see firsthand what I do every day. It was really cool. I think Gavin took a liking to her. :) After work, she took me to get a manicure and pedicure (of which I've had one each EVER in my life). I felt awkward, but at least the lady was artistic and put some really cool flowers on my nails. By now of course, my nails are demolished, but shhh.... don't tell mom ;) That night was dinner at my favorite restaurant ever, Las Candelas with amazing food prepared by the talented Chris.

And then the adventure began. We decided to tube down the Salt River because I'd told mom about taking Ashley there and she said it sounded like fun. I made fun of her the whole time because she asked if we need life jackets for tubing. Turns out we spent 8 hours on the river (when it's only supposed to take 4 or 5) and by the time we got back, the people said they had been worried about us. Ooops! The drive back to Tucson was rockin' because there was a huge thunderhead with some incredible lightning. Quite the show the whole way home. Have I mentioned I love monsoon season?
The next day we did some grocery shopping and some cooking for the little fiesta we were invited to. Between swimming and errand running, we managed to get everything together and have a ball with my friends that night. Mom was a hit for sure.

Oh, and did I mention that she bought me a sewing machine!?!?!? It was a huge surprise and I was oblivious for a while, but turns out it's an early birthday present, and I'm so psyched. I've been wanting one forever. So we spent most of Sunday afternoon/evening in a struggle because I decided to make a renaissance costume for Haven, and my idea is to just cut up some stuff and stitch it together without really preparing it, but mom likes to use silly things like measurements and patterns and do it all right ;) Anyway, she supervised my initial corset cutting, ripped out a few of my stitches, and showed me some spiffy tricks. I finished the whole costume last night, and it rocks by the way. You'll see pictures in a future blog.
So, all in all it was a wonderful few days with mom. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, so it was super awesome having her here and getting to show her my life.

Next up, I depart tomorrow for a week in Massachusetts and Maine. So until next time, party hardy.