Monday, September 29, 2008

over the river and through the woods...

Realizing tonight that I have neglected this blog since the beginning of August, I find myself unable to even recall all the adventures I've had since then (almost two entire months of mischief).  I am certain that a few days in San Diego was well cherished, a trip to Sedona with my favorite baby exhausted me, a weekend camping in the cool climes of Mt. Lemmon restored my calm, and finally a weekend of Salt River tubing and desert camping with my favorite cowgirl was well met.  I have been alive and well and living the desert life. 

A trip to San Diego gave me the great pleasure of seeing one of Christa's dance performances, and having the luxury of seeing a whole day's worth of dancing at a really sweet park.  It also gave me some down time on the beach. Oh yum.

I went to Sedona for work, and it is still my favorite city in this part of the country.  I got to show to Gavin for the first time. :)

Charles and I discovered Mt. Lemmon (the town there called Summerhaven is aptly named) in all its glory: so much cooler than the city over which it towers (Tucson) and yet so close (half an hour drive up). It's quite the respite from the still hot heat of the Sonoran. Here it is almost October and we are "cooling off" to 95 degrees.  Anyway, we've been up the mountain twice, camping one of those times for a couple days.   

Camping out in Mesa was wicked hot but wicked fun. Christa and I did some improve moves on the sandy ground, got a couple of cactus spines in our sandals, and listened to the beautiful song of coyotes on the hunt in the middle of the night with our boys.  This was all after spending the day floating down the river under the Phoenician sun.  

Life is good. All our plants are growing well, and I got to eat the first peppers to fully grow. Yum. No trips planned in the very near future, as I am well occupied with the 1st birthdays of two of the coolest babies ever, and the making of halloween costumes for them and the coolest 2 year old.  

Here are some pics: