Saturday, October 25, 2008

on being alive and being dead

Much has (of course) happened in the past month (ish).  While none of it actually involves going out of town, I still consider all of it to involve some tame adventure.  

Much of the month's excitement has revolved around Gavin turning 1.  He's quite the joy, and probably the cutest, smartest, sweetest, and most handsome little boy EVER (not that I'm bias or anything).  He made the Tucson paper, headlining the Foothills section, with his sweet little face playing some maracas in music class.  
I'm really lucky to spend so much time with Gavin. He teaches me incredible things.

His first birthday party coincided with Rhonda's visit to the serene Sonoran.  She flew in on a Friday afternoon, from good ol' dixie land.  That night we went out for a delicious dinner at our favorite bistro (which, by the way, is SO good that you ALL must eat there if EVER you are in Tucson).  Saturday we checked out the Tanque Verde Swap meet, where I found lots of stuff for very little green.  We shopped for Lindsay later on 4th Ave, and had enough time to wander around Sabino before the party.  

Gavin was a rockstar, loved all his new toys and books, and dove face first into his chocolate cake (we have a lot in common).  

Sunday we took her up to Mt. Lemmon for the delicious views and to see the Oktoberfest celebration. There were a bunch of old guys in lederhosen jiggin' out!  It was awesome.  I really really really really hope I'm that spritely when I'm that old. They did this dance where they lifted a bench and beat on it and jumped up on top of it and spun around. It was crazy cool.  Even better, I got to learn one of their dances and perform it with them and other spectators! It was a blast.

Monday she and Charles went to the Desert Museum and then we all went to dinner at Guadelajara.  Anyway, it was lovely having her out here, and I'm glad she got to meet my little sushine.

In other news, I finished Halloween costumes for Gavin (a cowboy), and two of his little buddies (a punk rocker and a clown). They are really cute, and I will post pics as soon as I get them.  I went on a day trip to the zoo* with them (the above mentioned cuties) and I loved it.  Being around lots of kids at once is my favorite. Luckily, come February, Em will have baby Isabella, so I will have 2 kids at all times.  :D Happy, happy, joy, joy. (*the kids were too young to notice, but the zebras were definitely in the process of mating, and it was really funny to watch the parents of older kids act all embarrassed when asked what was happening).

So, I've been loving living.  But then there's the other half of this blog, last night we became UNDEAD. 
A horde of zombies invaded Tucson and tramped through the downtown streets. I was attacked and all of the sudden all I could think about was how hungry I was for BRAINS...  GRRRR.  

I joined the mass of the undead as we terrorized Tucsonians for the evening.  Don't worry, though, other than a little hangover from too much brain, I'm all better today..... Or am I???   Muahahahahaha.