Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gator Bait

These past many days have been rather full of adventure. We've been at a state park just outside of New Orleans with some friends. In fact one of my dear friends from Massachusetts is doing sort of the same thing we are, except in the opposite direction- heading for California. So our paths crossed here, and we are having a riot (sans the mosquito bites).
This is swamp land, and so the wildlife is unreal. Like something off the discovery channel. We saw, late at night, an owl trying to get into the nest of some sort of egret, who was viciously defending its territory. Then, two owls snuggling- or something that looked very much like it. We've almost caught an armadillo, too. I say we, but I mean Chip. He actually touched it. And the alligators! Wow, oh wow! We've seen them up close and personal, and what fantastic creatures they are.

We took the motorcycles out to the Bayou Sauvage Wildlife Refuge. It was really beautiful- full of cypress knees and live oaks, and lovely birds.
We also went into the city for a while. Heard some phenomenal live music- two girls, a violin, and a guitar- on Canal St. Then we walked up and down Bourbon Street just taking in the sights and sounds. It's definitely sensory overload there- and wicked funny.
Most days we spent lots of quality time around the campfire- dancing, talking, the boys playing music, eating delicious meals, and generally enjoying ourselves. It has been quite a lovely taste of community. It feels so wonderful to have other people around after a month of just being the two of us. That sense of community is something I'm learning more and more about- what I want in life, in a home, and in a path. I'm grateful for this time and experience.
We are heading to Pensacola FL now. And we passed I65 today. Made me really miss Tennessee. I'm seriously looking forward to getting back there and seeing everyone.
Every day it seems like new possibilities open up for the future. It's scary and exciting at the same time.

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jeff campbell said...

I love your blogging Calamity...fine writing style...great adventure...Peace