Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Giving of Thanks

It's been a long time. I've not been able to write this post. Life is such a labyrinth of experience, with shadows cast across our paths, unexpected walls, twists and turns, and of course the very human wonder if there really is a minotaur somewhere in there- or an exit for that matter.

As this is the week of Thanksgiving, I wanted to reflect on my gratitude. Gratitude is something that grows and grows in my life, and so the fact that there is a holiday to celebrate it just enhances its beauty. As I consider the many things I am grateful for, the things that come up first are those dark and difficult things. A separation from my husband of two years is not something I am grateful for, however, what I am learning about myself and about the world in general are things I am extremely grateful for. This has been a time of darkness, of twists and turns, of walls, of pain, but also of beauty. Destruction will always bring creation. In that light, I list my gratitudes:

A chance to experience something sacred with other human beings
The ability to help someone, so much that they express their own gratitude for you
The love and support of those who love me
A lesson in what love really means
Nourishment- mind, body, and soul
Beautiful children in my life
Rain and autumn and winter, after having missed those things in the desert
The chance to miss the desert
The changes I see beginning in our world- those people that are standing up for change
Synchronicities- the universe keeps lining things up just right
A job which allows me to do what I love
A place to rest my head at night
A reconciliation of my past
The absolute beauty that exists in this world, and our ability to connect to it
The simple things: leaves blowing in the wind, a crow's call in the morning, a foggy day
The space to heal

So I hope that as you consider your own gratitude this Thanksgiving, you will consider the beauty in the hard parts, too. It's all part of this beautiful cycle.