Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fresh Things

You may have noticed. I'm revamping this space. The hope is that I'll utilize it more. I considered starting a new blog entirely, but I like the idea of keeping the old around. When I read some of those first entries, I am amazed at how I have grown and what I have learned. I can appreciate the journey and the beauty of change. By keeping them here, and contributing new things to this space, maybe you can too.

I'd like to transition from mostly a chronicle of travels and activities to a dialogue about life. I'd like to post more about my spiritual journey and not just my physical one. So, thoughts, reflections, meditations, book reviews, and even photographs will be contributed here.

I've recently been engaged in several projects that move me in this direction. One is an article, posted here, by Shambhala SunSpace. This is exciting for me, to be able to share my reflections with so many.

Now, hopefully, I'll be posting more variedly and more frequently. Feel free to contribute thoughts or suggestions.

Eventually, I will change my url to match my title, once I am satisfied with it. :)

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