Monday, September 24, 2012

Sacred Space

This past spring, I had the chance to spend some time in Mexico, visit Chichen Itza and Isla Mujeres. This place was incredibly magical, and I came across a poem I'd written there. This photo is taken on the end of the island, near the shrine to the goddess Ixchel. There was something about that exact space, there on the cliff, that made me feel like I was in the womb of the world.


Breathe the ebb
and dance the flow

Prostrate to the sea
- the know

The pregnant cove
its jagged back

The sitting sun
-horizon cracks

The yolk of pink
against the day
the busty sea
that lulls the beach
with salty fingers
-secrets reach

The moon that reigns
the sacred rites
of hips and feet
and breasts and light

Cliffs of souls
their edges lick
the ancient rocks
 with magic thick

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