Friday, November 30, 2012


Conviction. To me, it means staying true to our own path even when life is incredibly difficult, and the present moment is profoundly uncomfortable. Staying present when every drive you have is toward disconnecting and distraction. Giving up, even. There were several times this week when I just wanted to cry, and throw in the towel. What's the point? But this is it: the point is to be here. The point is to seek the truth of things, even in yourself, when it hurts. The point is to be courageous in this way. To know that it hurts. To know that you have the potential to hurt others. And yet. To keep going. To go with kindness and compassion. To remain aware of your intentions. To love yourself, even so. To accept the moment precisely as it is. Even when you are barely able to exist in your own skin. Of this I am convinced: the point is the truth. The truth is here and now. And I am capable of here and now.

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