Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inhabiting Your Being

The past several days have synchronized in a way that brings many truths to the surface. I ask this question, "What does it mean to inhabit your being?"

I once heard (or read, I can't recall which) about the way most people do not take up their own space. The physical body fills a certain amount of the space in which we exist. The idea is that people shrink, trying not to take up all of that space. Rather they want to shrivel up and remain unseen, unheard, not noticed. Why?

To actually walk down the street taking up all the space in which your body exists changes things. Suddenly we are worthy. We have something to offer. We are affirming our life.

And how about taking up an even bigger space? This is brilliance. Radiance. Confidence.

There are people who have had a profound impact on my life just by being. The way they are in the world exudes gentleness, strength, joy, curiosity, confidence, grace, and precision. To be in their presence is profound. To be in their presence reminds me of how big I can be. It reminds me of my own worthiness, my own gifts, my own spark.

So how do we cultivate this way of being?

We have to embrace our own light. Our own gift. What is your gift to the world? What do you have to offer? We have to trust in our own worthiness. Our own workability. Our ability to shine!

How do you do that? How do you make friends with yourself? Dhyana. You sit with yourself.

From there, it's organic. Once you embrace these things, others will see and feel how you exist.

A friend this week told me of a culture in which it is law for citizens to identify and help cultivate one another's gifts. How wonderful is this! Let us tell each other what we see, how we see each other shine. Let us all water each other's seeds. Let us all shine!

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Gentoku McCree said...

What I lovely post. This is one of the effects I see from my clients beginning a training program. Often strength in the body translates as strength in the mind and spirit. When they feel stronger physically they become more confident intellectually and emotionally.