Saturday, November 30, 2013

Being Human Heals

Being human heals.

What does it even mean to be human? To me, it means to relax about who we are. It means to be willing to feel what we feel. To look each other in the eyes. To be present. To be authentic. To engage with each other with love and honesty. To be confident in our existence. In our experience.

The thing that helps and soothes me most during this time of recovery and healing space is the people surrounding me. There is this incredible community of people who genuinely care about me. They are always over visiting me, making me food, bringing me groceries, washing dishes, calling me, sending me letters, driving me to appointments, and reading to me.

These people look me in the eyes and hold my gaze. They want to know how I feel. They hold the space for me to feel whatever it is that I do feel. They don't try to change my experience, diagnose my problems, or talk about themselves constantly. They touch me. They hug me. The massage my arm when it goes numb. They rub my feet. They kiss my cheek. They sit with me and are comfortable being themselves. They inhabit their bodies. They speak with conviction and honesty. They cry if they feel like it. They laugh. They are curious. They are silent. And it is okay.

They bring me chocolates. Or flowers. Or their soft voices. Or the question, "what do you need?" And they don't bat an eye about extending themselves and helping. They jump in. Even when they are tired. Even when they are grumpy. Even if they don't really have time in their busy schedules. They gladly and cheerfully come. And help. And hug me. And smile. And look me in the eyes, and care about what they meet there.

This kind of love and support is profoundly precious. And it is so inspiring.

We can all be this for each other. It's so simple. It's a matter of being human. Of relaxing with ourselves. Having confidence in our own worthiness. Our own workability. Our own goodness. Looking each other in the eyes. Being. Feeling. Reaching out.

"Imagine what could happen if we all began to feel that we are good, and that society is good -- and to have confidence in ourselves that way." Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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