Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Soft Dark Corners of Days and Weeks

The gray of Wednesday morning
is almost a benediction
on my skin

A place to curl into
and feel

the spots where all
the needles were

the fear that nested
in my shoulders

and still
the morning
on this egg of me

cool, wet, inviting
me to hatch

to sit up straight
in my aching body
to remember
my head and shoulders

to be radiant
even while I rest
to know
there is no difference

to peel away the broken shell
of the stories that happened to me
and arise here
in the gray dawn
of healing

to see how I can be tired
and still full of vigor
dizzy but that much closer
to bardo
to cracking all that

I'm learning how to curl
up in the soft dark corners
of days and weeks

to curl up without collapsing
to curl up and shine

golden sun in my heart

1 comment:

Susan said...

I don't know who wrote this poem, but it is beautiful. I am glad you are reaching out. I shall think of how I can spread the word about your financial need at this challenging time, and try to offer some help from me.

I don't know you well, but am aware of the work you do at the Silicon Valley Shambhala Center. I can relate to feeling dizziness and pain, though I am not walking in your moccasins. Just recently I began getting relief. That day will come to you too. Till then, be patient with yourself.