Monday, December 23, 2013

Thirty Wishes

Today I turn thirty. For many reasons, this day is special. For reasons far beyond what I had imagined for my 30th birthday, I am bathed in gratitude, awareness, contentment, and compassion.

I wanted to offer something today. Thirty somethings, really. As a symbol of my appreciation. Of my life and my joy in it. I planned several months ago to practice 30 sun salutations on my 30th birthday. Although I may still practice some, my health doesn't particularly allow for it today. Then I thought I'd list 30 gratitude. But that seems selfish. Plus, 30 slots are hardly enough for all the things I'm grateful for.

It's interesting this practice we have of people giving us gifts on our birthday. I want to give all of you gifts. After all, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. I wouldn't have survived these thirty years. Been taken care of, loved, nurtured, taught, supported, cherished, encouraged, comforted... So I thank you all. All the forces that have come together to make my being here at precisely this moment possible.

Yesterday, I heard a poem that sparked and inspired me. It is called On This Day by Ruth Forman. The things that she wishes there, I also wish for you. And I wish you much more as well.

I offer to you, thirty wishes. May they be so.

1. I wish you nights of wakefulness, while you drink in the pale light of the moon.
2. I wish you warm sand beneath your feet.
3. I wish you knowledge of the golden sun that rests in your ribcage.
4. I wish you coyote songs that wake you in the desert night.
5. I wish you the brilliance of sunlight on white snow in the winter.
6. I wish you the feeling of fingers between your fingers.
7. I wish you the juice of a mango dripping down your chin.
8. I wish you a body dancing in the throes of a really good beat.
9. I wish you the laughter of children, in your heart and your ears.
10. I wish you the smell of orange blossoms lining the streets.
11. I wish you the smell of juniper smoke lingering in your hair and on all your clothes.
12. I wish you a hot cup of hearty green tea.
13. I wish you the feeling of knowing you are loved.
14. I wish you the peace of accepting things as they are.
15. I wish you all the beauty in all the ways you can see it.
16. I wish you delight in your skin and bones.
17. I wish you a clear voice that dances you through.
18. I wish you little candles all around your room.
19. I wish you a tree whose leaves you watch go from green to bloom to turn to fall.
20. I wish you a fire, in the morning, with friends.
21. I wish you a story at night, which lulls you to sleep.
22. I wish you the courage to take fear's hand and walk beside it.
23. I wish you the joy that comes with letting go.
24. I wish you hours of quiet stillness.
25. I wish you a mirror that shows you what's beyond it.
26. I wish you the taste of contentment on your tongue.
27. I wish you freedom from suffering.
28. I wish you a thousand kisses on the crown of your head.
29. I wish you a lotus life, that blooms in the mud.
30. I wish you profound, brilliant, glory.

Love to you all. Today and every day.

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