Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Training and generosity

I spent just over two weeks this summer in retreat in Colorado. I wish I had the words to express what it's like, why I go back again and again. This practice has become my life. Through relating to my own mind and heart, I have realized something very important: my life is not mine. I am not here to acquire things, make statements, achieve this or that success. Rather, my entire existence is to be of benefit to all beings. To help others experience their innate qualities of wisdom, goodness, kindness, and strength. To help wake others up to their own minds and hearts. This I know. Thus, I have dedicated my life to this purpose.

I can't help others if I'm not relating to myself. Thus, this path of practice and training is choiceless. It is beautiful and profound. I continue to learn and to deepen, touching in to what this ancient lineage has to offer. How fortunate we are to have these realized teachers who have also dedicated their lives so that I could wake up and touch my own mind and heart.

I am currently raising funds to support the continuation of my training. If you feel inspired to give, I would greatly appreciate your generosity. You can read more about my path here.

Thank you.

Red Feather Peak, Shambhala Mountain Center